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Tony Mc Cann & James O’Brien

A night in front of the telly leads to a future of happiness
A night in front of the telly leads to a future of happiness
Tony Mc Cann and James O’ Brien had no idea what fate had in store for them when they got to know each other almost 18 years ago. Tony had moved from Dublin to Wexford as his family had relocated. James is originally from Wexford and so it wasn’t long before they found each other. “We got chatting on ICQ, (an instant messaging type programme like MSN).” After chatting constantly for a number of weeks, the couple finally got to meet each other in person, and ever since that day, Tony and James are inseparable.

James works for a mobile phone store and Tony is a security trainer. They are now living together just outside Enniscorthy in Co. Wexford with their four dogs, one cat and a spider! Most engagements are a surprise for only one half of the couple, but for Tony and James it was a surprise for both of them. It was a typical night in front of the telly that got them thinking seriously about making it official. “We were at home one evening watching a program on the forthcoming marriage equality referendum and Tony said that it was something he would like to get involved in so I said go ahead and Tony asked me if it passed would I like to get married and of course I said yes, so Tony said does that mean we are getting married and I said yes it must and then within half an hour we had decided on the date!

As a result Tony had not one, but two big announcements to make to his parents, the first was he was getting married and the second was that he was gay and marrying me!” recalls James. On that remarkable night, the couple set the date for February 20, 2016 at the Upton Court Hotel, Co. Wexford.

The lads had three significant themes throughout their wedding. First their colour scheme was purple and gold to tie in with the Wexford county colours. Secondly their table plan had a Route 66 theme, as James and Tony have travelled the route twice and last but definitely not least, they incorporated the rainbow theme. “Our cakes and socks were rainbow colours and we both wore “yes equality” cufflinks as well as a lapel pin.

Our guest book was one of the large yes equality posters.” The flowers consisted of rainbow roses for the button holes, the best women’s bouquets and the flower girls arrangements. “Our table centre pieces were purple and gold with rainbow roses.” The lads went all out with their wedding cake. “We had two rainbow cakes from “Rakes of Cakes” in Wexford town and our main wedding cake was a two tier chocolate biscuit cake that was made to look like a wedding suit with again the Wexford theme of purple roses and gold dicky bows, this was created by “Daphnes Crazy Cakes” in Bunclody. The wedding attire was a feature of the gold and purple Wexford theme.

“We rented all our wedding party suits from Murt Walsh Menswear in Enniscorthy, our wedding outfit consisted of white shirt with white waist coats with purple and gold swirls on it. Our suit was a dark grey suit, both grooms wore gold cravats and the best men, Tony’s father and page boy all wore purple cravats. The best women wore purple dresses.” The groom’s outfits were topped off with their rainbow coloured socks. Tony and James’s wedding rings are titanium with dual black enamel bands which were purchased from Fields jewellers In Dublin.

The grooms hired David Waldron who travelled from Arklow to give all the male members of the wedding party a cut throat shave the morning of the wedding. It was a surprise from the loving couple to Tony’s father, the best and the groom’s men. “It was a great buzz just sitting all together in a room in the hotel chatting and having a glass of champagne while being shaved and it certainly helped relax the nerves.”

“In the place names cards we hid a scratch card inside and a lucky penny. This was a little thank you favour from us to our guests. We also has a small quiz on how well our guests know us with a prize bottle of champagne.” The couple chose “Stand by Me” as their entrance song, followed by “To Make You Feel my Love” which was sung by Tony’s niece Emma between the readings.

While signing of the register, “Run” by Leona Lewis was played and the grooms walked down the aisle to “Over the Rainbow.” The wedding photographer was by John Walsh Photography Enniscorthy and the couple’s videographer was Kamil Films. Invitations were provided by Liz Doran burke of LDB Designs Enniscorthy.

Tony’s brother lives in Key West in Florida, so Tony and James visited Key West on their honeymoon. “We booked our flights online and travelled over a week after the wedding to Key West, Tony’s brother had travelled over for the wedding with his friend Carol so we spent our honeymoon being pampered and spoiled by Derek and Carol. We had wanted to go to Las Vegas but changed our mind to a relaxing holiday in the sun, and Key West is amazing for gay couples.”

The couple went out of their way to involve both of their families as much as possible in their wedding day. “We tried to involve family and friends as much in all aspects of our wedding, from friends creating our handmade invites, seating plan and our wedding cakes, to Jimmy’s sister Catherine, who transformed a normal room into something wonderful with her flowers and extra special touches.” “We did a special dance routine.

It started with our families, then the two of us separately and then at the end our families joined in again and by the end we had all of our guests on the floor as well. It was created and choreographed by Alan O’ Brien, a well-known dance teacher and we performed it to ‘Just Say Yes’ by Snow Patrol (the yes equality song).” James’s nephew created a box in which Tony and James sealed two letters written to each other the night before the wedding, this box shall be opened on their tenth wedding anniversary.

The couple reflected on their favourite memories from the day, Tony’s was “When we both started crying during the ceremony and hugged each other.” While James’s cherished moment was “sitting at the wedding table as a couple now legal in the eyes of the law with all our families and friends clapping for us.

A night in front of the telly leads to a future of happiness
A night in front of the telly leads to a future of happiness
A night in front of the telly leads to a future of happiness

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