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A ‘Marvel-ous’ proposal by Declan Doody for Alan Doyle

Declan Doody’s father had been in a near fatal accident resulting in an extended period in hospital. There were times when Declan really believed this could be the last time he would see his father alive. The support Declan received from his loving partner Alan Doyle helped him through the tough time.“That was when I realised that I was going to spend the rest of my life with Alan. He didn’t even have to say anything, he just held my hand for as long as I needed him to. And I knew it was going to be ok. He was my pillar of support through one of the toughest times of my life,” Declan shares with Irish LGBT Weddings.   After a series of successful operations, Declan’s father fortunately made a full recovery and Declan in his heart it was time to ask Alan to marry him. “We will be together five years this December. We had mentioned marriage before, sometimes jokingly to test each other’s reaction, but more recently because we knew it was what we both wanted,” Declan said.  

The success of the Yes Vote in May made the dream of marriage a reality for same sex couples in Ireland. “Our families are proud of us and proud of who we are, and now they can share in our wedding day like any other,”Alan said. Declan, an office manager, from Limerick, had been planning the proposal for a few months. Both Declan and Alan, an insights analyst originally from Portlaoise, describe themselves as “into books, gaming, graphic novels, and comics.” It was this shared interest that lead to Declan proposing in a really unique way. 

Declan explains, “Alan isn’t into ‘big and loud’. I knew intimate and personal would be what he would want. So I decided to write a comic book for him. I wrote each page to tell a personal story from our relationship so far and then a few of our closest friends helped transform these stories into a comic book effect. That way each page was a different style created by people important to us both”. Declan then cooked a romantic dinner at home. “After we had finished dinner I handed Alan the gift wrapped comic. I was so nervous; I don’t think I have ever drank red wine so fast”.

The last scene in the comic book was of Alan and Declan seated in their home with a cooked dinner and the words ‘Issue Two Coming Soon……. Hopefully’ blazed across the page. Alan recalls “Declan dropped to one knee and presented a ring. The minute I saw it I instantly cried and just kept repeating ‘yes’. It was perfect”. The ring is a black Tungsten stone embedded with a single sapphire. With the big question finally asked, there is now a wedding to plan. 

Declan and Alan have decided to give themselves a few years to organise their big day. “We want to enjoy being engaged” Alan said, “to give ourselves the time to make the day perfect. We’re planning a winter wedding and ideally we want snow to fall. We have always been so lucky to have the support of our family and friends and we want them to play a role on our wedding day.”
Both grooms to be will have a best man and a maid of honour each. “We haven’t decided yet who is going to walk each of us down the aisle, or if we will even include that tradition, we might just take that step together.” One thing the boys are sure of is that Declan is going to wear a kilt. “I have always wanted to wear a kilt, and marrying the man I love is the best excuse I can think of.”

We at Irish LGBT Weddings wish the guys all the best in their wedding planning and can’t wait to see what their ‘Issue two’ has in store!

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