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Connie Lynch and Sinead Murray

20th August 2015

For Connie Lynch and Sinead Murray, the old adage ‘love at first sight’ certainly rang true when the pair met at an LGBT adult group in 2010.  

Sinead, a Letterkenny native first laid eyes on Connie, also from Letterkenny, when she was facilitating a meeting at an LGBT adult group. That night Sinead fell head over heels for the marketing co-ordinator at Lough Eske Castle Hotel. 
Sinead recalls, “If I’m being honest I couldn’t even look at her as I could feel my face going red,” a sure sign the butterflies were fluttering. But Sinead didn’t need to worry as the feelings were very mutual. Connie admits she “nearly fainted” when she first saw Sinead. After such chemistry at the meeting, it’s no surprise that the ladies began dating. They are both now living in Letterkenny with their daughter Blaithin.  

Two years later, the girls decided that a wedding was on the cards but it was Sinead that sparked the conversation. “I knew very early in our relationship that Connie was ‘the one’. I don’t think you could call it a proposal but we were sitting outside in the sun and I told her “I would love to hold your hand forever” and without even thinking I asked “would you like to hold my hand forever?” To which she said “Yes” and there was a moment of what does that mean and a lot of laughter. That was it, but we kept it quiet for a while until we got our promise rings made.”  

Sure enough, wedding preparations began and the date was set for August 20, 2015 with the ceremony and reception taking place at the Millpark Hotel, Co. Donegal with 280 guests in attendance. Blaithin Murray and Christopher Murray stood as bridesmaid and bestmale for Sinead and Aine Mc Loughlin and Lee Carlin were honoured to undertake the same roles for Connie.  

For the girls, this was a dream come true, with personal touches threaded throughout their shabby chic themed day; from Blaithin performing a song during the ceremony, to Sinead’s dad singing a song during his speech. Not only did the personal touches from family and friends add something special to the wedding, the most memorable moment for the girls was seeing each other for the first time on the day. Connie was blown away by her bride,” I almost tried not to look at her because I was trying so hard not to cry at how beautiful she looked. For Sinead, Connie coming down the aisle was her highlight, along with her mother’s touching contribution to the day. “I had no idea what her (Connie) dress was like and I genuinely could not keep my eyes off her she was just beautiful.

My mum read out a poem that she wrote for the day. This would be incredibly out of her comfort zone as she is quite shy and understandably she was really emotional as her only daughter was getting married but I thought it was such a beautiful thing for her to do. 
After a memorable ceremony, it was time for the girls to enjoy their night with their guests and one moment in particular stood out for the bride. Connie fondly remembers her bride wheeling her (literally) into their reception. “A highlight was people’s faces when Sinead pushed me into the meal on a wheelbarrow. 

Sinead was giving it socks dancing and pushing me at the same time. It was hilarious! Also my granny, grandad and great aunt were present and each one of them said it was the nicest, most personal wedding they had ever attended, this, for me, was something really special and will stay with me forever.
  Along with the non-conventional mode of transport, the girls were surprised with a gift from three of their friends. “They surprised us by doing a rap mid ceremony about our relationship so far, we nearly fell off our seats laughing. After working tirelessly to promote the “Yes” vote back in May, now being able to say they are wife and wife means the world to Connie and Sinead.   “Sinead made me the happiest woman on the planet by becoming my wife, I believe we couldn’t have chosen a better time to get married in Ireland and I believe that the outcome of the referendum made our day even more special and emotional.

We are both so proud to be a gay married couple in Ireland today. Looking back on the first day I saw Sinead I never thought I would be lucky enough to marry her. So it was the best day of my life. You could feel the emotion in the room as everyone felt so happy for us because we did fight very hard to get there,” Connie proudly stated. Sinead, who knew Connie was ‘the one’ from their very first date, feels that same level of pride. “We fought so hard to ensure a “Yes” vote in Donegal and it just made the day incredibly special as everyone knew how much we wanted to get married. I wanted to tell Connie in front of all our family and friends that I loved her so much and that I will be committed to her until the end.  

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