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A modern twist on tradition

A modern twist on tradition

For most couples, gay or straight, tradition plays a big part in their wedding day. Knowing when to incorporate tradition, however, can be a real challenge for couples in the LGBT community. We at Irish LGBT Weddings want to help you incorporate and reinvent some of the most classic wedding traditions, all while keeping the day unique and special for the two of you and we have come up with some super fun ways of doing so.

The wedding party
If you choose to have a wedding party, why bother with labels? If your closest friends are a mix of guys and gals and you can’t decide which to axe, throw them all into the mix. Have a gender role free party and have all your besties up there with you. At the end of the day, it’s more important to share moments like these with the people you love rather than people you’re pressured into choosing. You won’t regret reinventing this tradition.

Don’t put a ring on it
This one might sound a bit crazy, but there are so many wonderful gestures that could mean a lot more to you and your intended than a ring. If you want to stick with jewellery you could go with an engraved locket, bracelet or watch especially if you’re not really ring wearers. There are also specific ring lines available specifically for LGBT couples, so if you do go with rings there are some unique options available.

Meaningful readings
If you’re not into the whole religious reading thing you can forego that tradition and swap it out for some fabulous and meaningful passages from your favourite authors and poets. There are some very applicable and stunning pieces out there that might just capture the essence of your love better than any religious piece could. These will be made even better by fact that your loved ones will read them to you during the ceremony, you could even have them pick some of their own favourite readings for you to look through and pick from.

Who should give a speech
Obviously, the best man and fathers speech is a lovely tradition to keep as part of your day, but there’s not necessarily anything tying you to that. Have your best girlfriend give a fabulous speech and give the poor best man a bit of a break, especially if you’re not adhering to the traditional gender roles as I already mentioned. Another super cute idea would be to swap the father’s speeches for mother’s speeches. If your dad doesn’t exactly have a way with words, give your mom the opportunity to make everyone else tear up for a change. 

The ceremony
There’s a lot you can do to change it up from the traditional and expected wedding ceremony, but to find something completely unique and brand new will definitely be a (hopefully welcomed) challenge. There are so many options and so many decisions to make but we recommend keeping it simple at the beginning and building on it. There’s no point planning a grand event and having it disappoint you when it comes to your budget, among other things. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to planning a unique ceremony so make sure it ends up being what you want and not just something to keep your guests and families happy. 

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