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Think outside the box

Think outside the box

LGBT couples are well known for having a unique take on the world. To capitalise on this take we have put together a list of things you can do to make your wedding stand out as one of a kind.  

Circular ceremony
Have your loved ones seated around you while you get hitched, it makes for an intimate ceremony even if there is a large crowd and everyone will get a good view of the nuptials.  You could also bring this style into your reception by getting rid of the top table and just having a circular table for you and your wedding party. With this table in the middle of the room, everybody will get to see you and it makes you much more approachable than you would be at a classic top table.  

Scratch card wedding invites
These are a super cute way of inviting people to your wedding. Create a scratch card so people can have fun unveiling the date of your big day; it’s a super fun and even DIY option if you are so inclined. Write something cheesy like ‘lucky in love’ on them and your guests will love it, everyone’s a winner.  

Alternatives to cake
Cake isn’t your cup of tea? No problem, there are tons of different confections to sink your teeth into on your wedding day. Try donuts or pastries instead to give your guests something unexpected. If you are getting married around the same time as some of your friends who will have a similar guest list, it might give your guests a much needed break from the traditional wedding cake. Talk to our confectionery suppliers for their advice on this and together you can come up with some wonderful ideas. Dessert tables will also be the biggest thing to hit the sweet scene for 2017.  

An old post box is perfect for keeping your wedding cards
Just set up a funky looking Irish style post box in your drinks reception area or at the top of the room during the meal so that you don’t have to worry about minding your cards throughout the day and you can take them away at the end of the meal. For safekeeping, it would definitely add to your venue décor.  

Hangover help kits
These will be a lifesaver for those guests who get a bit carried away during the celebrations.  Just fill a bag with all the things you need to kick a hangover. Guests will most definitely thank you for them the next day and if they don’t use them straight away they are sure to need them at some stage soon.  

Photo stand ins
Instead of the usual photo booth opt for a funny photo stand in to be set up in your drinks reception. A super fun idea sure to give your guests a great laugh.    

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