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Winter wedding colour palettes

Winter wedding colour palettes

This time of year is so colourful, you have hundreds of classic combinations available to you, but what if these have been overdone? Or what if your favourite colour doesn’t work? No need to worry, we have a list of less common colour combos that would look great on your big day.

This is a sophisticated colour combination that your guests won't expect, it's a far cry from the classic green and red and it will look fab on your wedding day. Try blue and silver centrepieces and lots of greenery around the room.  

Metallics are an extremely popular trend this year popping up everywhere from your local shop window to the Paris fashion week runway. You could decorate your venue with silver fairy lights and gold centerpieces with simple cream table cloths. Rose gold is another popular trend so you could swap it for the gold if you felt like it. Always remember, when it comes to metallics less is usually more.  

This very unexpected colour combination works a treat in decorating a venue. These colours scream trendy and will make your venue super modern looking. It's a fab colour scheme and definitely not boring. Try turquoise table runners with orange roses in the centrepieces.  

This fab colour scheme will give a rich, wintry feel to your venue while still keeping peoples mind on the event itself, you don't want your guests feeling like it's all about Christmas. Try white table cloths, cream chair sashes and poinsettias or red roses as your main flower of choice.  

This colour scheme is a classic homage to the holidays and it looks absolutely gorgeous. There's a reason it's the most popular colour combo for this time of year. Try white table cloths and centrepieces, and dot the room with plenty of holly and mistletoe. You could use baby’s breath and red roses for the floral arrangements. 

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